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May Hill Designs is the brainchild of Ben Oldroyd and offers a range of Graphic Facilitation, Knowledge Working and Artistic services.


The organisation is able to support a range of business needs at individual, group and organisational levels. By combining both creative and professional experience, May Hill Designs provide unique, bespoke pieces of artwork and event facilitation support to organisations with varying requirements across all market sectors.


Scribing, or 'graphic recording' is the practice of taking either the written or spoken word, and translating it into an image, or series of images that make the information much more digestible at a glance. It can be used during a meeting, so called live-scribing, to create an image in real time, or pre/post a meeting, where more work and iteration can be done to create a slicker, often more comprehensive image, or rich picture.

For more information about the specific services offered, please either see the relevant individual pages on this site or contact us to get in touch.




Having grown up in the lee of May Hill in Gloucestershire, Ben spent four years at Oxford University studying a Masters in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry (with a subsidiary in the nocturnal activities of small mammals as his daughter was born during his final year!). Ben then spent a subsequent two years working in Canary Wharf as part of KPMG’s Management Consultancy practice. The obvious next step for him, therefore, was to become an artist…

“Come again?!”, I hear you cry. Let’s add some context:

From childhood, Ben has always loved art, and pursued it right through to his A-levels, alongside the sciences that would eventually take him to the city of dreaming spires. He always kept his hand in with art (throughout his Masters degree), working on bits and pieces of graphic art, paintings and sketches in what free time he could carve out. However, the birth of Aria (his eldest) in his final year at Oxford, rather focused his mind to gaining a ‘real’ job in the ‘big smoke’.

As a result, he joined KPMG’s U-Collaborate practice as a solution designer and knowledge worker, combining a growing scribing skill with his experience of change management. During this time he began to realise that the element of his work that he truly enjoyed most was the more creative delivery of Event facilitation and, a little over two years after joining KPMG, he left the Management Consultancy practice to set up May Hill Designs.




Live Scribing
Live scribing or 'graphic facilitation' is the process of visually recording speeches, meetings or presentations for future use as a very tangible way of seeing how conversations and ideas developed.
Images are created in real-time, and can be produced using a range of physical (whiteboard, paper, glass etc) or digital media. 
Tradeshow Scribing
Tradeshow scribing is similar to live scribing, but is not done in real time.
Powerpoint is becoming mundane these days, so presenters are increasingly looking to deliver key information in new and dynamic ways. Taking a large Powerpoint presentation deck and creating a series of visuals to tell the story is a powerful way of communicating ideas and information.
Digital Illustration and Rich Pictures
May Hill Designs can support a range of digital illustrative services, from corporate communications to page layouts.
Rich Pictures are typically used as internal communication tools, such as bringing to a new strategy or vision or as part of pitches or proposals to visualise a new solution or strategy. They are engaging and can help stakeholders better understand the journey or transformation.
Infographics and Logos
Infographics are a succinct and visual way of quickly and easily representing information. They can be themed to an idea, concept or organisation and help drive understanding and communication of information.


If you would like to get in touch, please contact Ben directly on:


+44 7717 301236

+372 514 0828

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